Hello friends!

As my time here is beginning to wrap up and we’re coming down the home stretch, I want to let you know what’s been going on these past weeks as well as what the plan is for the time to come.

After last month’s merciful trip to HK, it’s safe to say we’re on the home stretch. With less than 3 weeks before we head back to the States, our time has been almost exclusively dedicated to the 4 dudes who my roommate and I led into the family. These 4 guys are great but getting weekly hang-out times set in stone has been anything but easy.

It’s no secret that the schools in this country are competitive & demanding. Students’ lives are totally overshadowed with school to the point that it makes me uneasy. Speaking as a college dropout and an all-around failure, I may not be the most qualified to criticize those who have found success in school, but the workload of the students is too much.

Having to spend months making new friends with kids and trying to get involved in people’s lives, most kids don’t have time to have hobbies or even friends. It’s very sad. Some of them have even opened up about feeling real anxiety and depression from the pressure put on them by parents and teachers.

I think that there’s a spirit of slavery on the high school and college campuses. Please pray for the young people in this country. I’m having a hard enough time getting those who have joined the family to find an hour to hang out during the week.

We’ve finished another 24-hour prayer session where we lifted up these concerns and others to God asking Him to do the impossible in each of our friends’ lives.

As for me and my destiny here, I’ve consulted with many of you as my spiritual leaders and counselors about the next steps. The consensus is this: I will wait until I come home to talk with my friends and family before I sign any agreements. My manager and publicist agree that this is the best decision, though some corporate sponsors such as Oreo & LEGO have pulled their endorsement because of this. Oh well.

As for my financial supporters, I want to say thank you for all your hard work and commitment. This week I’ll be making a new thread to give you details about what’s going on if I decide to come back.