It has been such a long time since my last e-mail update. Since my last update a TON has happened. We’ve traveled to a bunch of different cities in Asia, saw some crazy sights, hung out in two different countries: Malaysia for a retreat and just recently got to go to Kazakhstan for our visa run. As we are winding down our time here God has been speaking and doing some amazing things. Just yesterday we had our final goodbye party with our friends from campus. It was fun, but bittersweet to say goodbye to them. However, I wanted to tell you all a completely crazy and unbelieveable story that just happened to me today. It sounds totally impossible in the natural, but God is the God of the impossible.

To preface, I have decided to go on a two-week fast to pray and ask God for provision for the future. For my finances and student loan debt, and for what He has me doing next in this upcoming season. Yesterday I had a word spoken over me by one of the long-term workers here: “God will provide for all of your finances down to the very last penny.”

Fast forward to today I was praying with my roommates Bourne and Boba and after that I decided to go and take a shower. As I was showering I was singing the song “Unstoppable Dad” by Elevation Worship. As I’m singing this song for a bit, I look down at my right hand and a penny appears out of nowhere on my right hand. I kid you not. A penny just appeared on my hand out of thin air. I know this sounds insane, but all I can say is that I swear that this happened. Before showering I was looking in the mirror and there was no penny on my hand. I was also moving around a lot and if it was really stuck on me before it definitely would have fallen off and I would have heard it hit the ground.

I can only take this to be a sign from God, and confirmation of that word that I got. God’s hearing my prayers; He’s working behind the scenes to take care of my finances, and asking me to fully trust Him to provide for all my debt. Please be lifting me up in the area of my financial debt. It’s something I’ve been praying about seriously. My student loan debt mainly and my personal finances. I’m so excited to have received this incredible sign from God and I’m now more expectant than ever that He’s truly at work moving behind the scenes.