It has been quite a crazy few months! I need to apologize for not writing sooner; I hardly knew where to begin. So I will try to sum up what has been going on with me the past few months.

December was a whirlwind of Christmas parties! We saw many seeds planted in our friends as we shared the Gospel every chance we got. Tom (a friend my teammates made last year) finally made the decision to join the family after one of those Christmas parties!

Right after a special Christmas with my city, I went home for 2 weeks to visit my family in NY. This was my first holiday at home in 4 years. It was fun to play in the snow and build a snowman, but I quickly remembered how COLD winter in NY is! I am so blessed that God has called me to serve Him in a beautiful city that has spring-like weather almost all year. =)

January flew by quickly as most college students headed home for their month-long holiday. I had our city spend the last 2 weeks of January doing a special time of fasting & prayer. While most of our friends were away, we took the extra time to seek God for vision for the remainder of our time here. It was powerful!

I was starting to feel the weariness of 3 ½ years of being here and going at a pretty non-stop pace. I was beginning to feel pretty drained, and not even sure if I had energy to lead for the final half of this year. God has been so faithful to refresh me and give me vision for being here! He has really been restoring my soul as I spend extra time alone with Him.

February was a time of refreshing and God pouring into me. The teams from all 3 cities we work in reunited in Thailand for a 10-day retreat, where powerful messages and times of w-rship impacted us in a really special way.

We came back to K-town and had 2 weeks of WinterSession to make the most of the final time friends were away. We had amazing guest speakers come to share with us and pr-y for each of us. Most special for me was getting to have Pastor Josh and Tim C. come from EGC, my home church.

March quickly arrived and things have started to accelerate. Two friends joined the family last week!! We now have 3 Evangelistic Bible Studies meeting weekly, with 2 more about to be started. Many friends are not yet Christians, but attend weekly because they are interested to learn more about G and the Bible. We are seeing more hunger in friends than ever before!

With only two months left here before I fly back to America, I feel excited about the greater things that God is doing. Pray that we will see more hunger and openness, and that friends will be ready to receive Jesus during these next two months.

Thanks for being a part of all God is doing here!

~ Buttercup

P.S. In addition to the great things G is doing in min*stry, there have been some cool things happening in my life personally. Send me an email if you want to hear more! 🙂