As Jenny and I were sitting in the Korean restaurant, I asked her how she liked the Bible study Sydney had taught on salvation.  Jenny replied that she agreed with it – it went along with what she’s seen in her life.  I used a few illustration tools to make sure Jenny understood what Jesus had done for her.  When I asked her if she wanted to receive this free gift from God, she said yes, but that she wasn’t qualified.   It finally clicked for her when I wrote out a resume with Jesus’s name on top with all of His qualifications for Heaven and then crossed out His name and wrote hers instead.  When I handed her the resume, she wanted it!  We prayed together at the restaurant, and we are planning on dunking her next week when she gets back from a big trip she’s on right now.  Yay!  Praise the Lord!

We workers in C-Land have passed the 70-days-to-go mark, and since then, God has been doing some really big things!  The ‘Du has started a new house church, I led Jenny to God, and we have at least three more new brothers in Christ.  And we’re not even done yet!  I have seen changes in many of my friends’ hearts, and I know He’s not done working in them.  He’s also been revealing a lot to me about who I am in Him and reviewing what He’s been teaching me all year.  I’m excited to see what else He’s got up His sleeve!

As you may know, I am planning on returning to Central Michigan University in the fall.  What you might not know is that God has been speaking vision into my life about this summer and also my year at CMU.  Coming home does not mean I’m going to stop working for the Kingdom!  For a while, I was not exactly sure what God wanted me to do next year.  However, since about last week, I have had true peace (and excitement to boot!) about going back to school.

To bring all of this together, it would be great if you could pray for my Asian friends, specifically Angela, Summer, and Ellen.  God is definitely working in their hearts, and it would be fantastic to see them come to Him this year before we leave.  Also pray for all of the work He’s doing in K-Town and the other two cities we’re in, and strength for those of us who doing the work here.  Pray for the plans He’s put on my heart for this summer and the fall, and that I’d be emboldened to carry them out!

I appreciate every email I get from your side of the world – I love being in your life!  Feel free to shoot me an e-mail with how you’re doing or about anything else!  Thanks so much for being there for me this year!

In Christ,