The countdown begins…

In just a few days I will spend 30 hours in travel, on my way to spend 10 more months in Asia! I can picture myself en route already, trying to recline in an uncomfortable airplane seat, with a small pillow behind my neck, Dramamine in my pill bottle, and an eye mask on my face, trying to sleep my way across the ocean. Last year the excitement of going kept me awake almost the entire trip, so I’m taking extra precautions this time to make sure I arrive in Asia a little more refreshed!

12 days ago, after singlehandedly polishing off one PINT of cookies and cream (as a meal replacement – it’s true!) I arrived for training. The new team of 30 excited young adults congregated for two weeks of training in preparation for our year reaching college campuses. Each day we have attended classes to prepare us in language, culture, and the ministry we will be doing in Asia. In times of prayer and worship, God has already been filling us with vision and excitement for what He will do through us this year!

With twice the number of team members, an amazing support team, more experience, more preparation, and most importantly – a greater reliance on God’s Spirit, I am expecting this year to be even better than the last!