I felt like a proud mother today! I got to watch 4 of my main girls get baptized at today's party. Ellen, Diana, Michelle, and Chloe made the plunge!

Earlier this week, we had asked the girls if they were ready to be baptized. For some reason, they were hesitant to commit. Then Ellen, my little fireball, stood up in front of the circle of girls to state her thoughts. “This is not a hard decision. Let's all go together and get baptized this Sunday. C'mon girls!” With that, the other girls rallied and agreed to take the next step together!

It was an exciting way to spend Mother's Day – with my spiritual children! I hugged each one as they stepped out of the bathtub, while they were sopping wet! After Ellen was baptized, she whispered to me, “I feel so pure and fresh now!” My heart is so blessed to watch my “children” grow up in their new life!