It started with a few raindrops, but was quickly turning into a downpour. As my team's trusty guide, I needed to do something quickly if my 3 teammates and I were going to stay dry.

I spotted a small shop and ducked in, hoping they sold umbrellas. Sure enough, but as I tried to bargain for the cheapest one – an ugly purple umbrella – I realized the shopkeeper was taking advantage of the weather and my desperation.

My best bargaining skills did not have their usual effectiveness. I nonchalantly walked out of the shop and back into the torrential downpour, ignoring the protests of my teammates. “Are you crazy? We NEED that umbrella!!”

I could sense the shopkeeper smirking behind my back as she waited for me to return. Defeated, I accepted the measly 12-cent discount and handed over money for two of the ugly umbrellas, much to my girls' relief.

It's so fun to be back in my “second home,” walking familiar streets. The best part is taking the 3 girls on my team around the city. Their first observation – “Everything here is so miniature – the cars, the dogs, even the people – I want to put it all in my pocket!” I feel invigorated seeing their excitement at being here!