I couldn’t believe my eyes, or my nose. As I looked out the window of my hotel room, I could only see 4 blocks down the street. The smells were all coming back. Some of a smoggy resemblance, some the spicy food, and some that I can not describe in words. But all good none the less.

Finally, after 3 exciting summer months, a 28 hour flight, and a 30 minute taxi ride; I was back home in Asia.

Though I am coming back to the familiar, it feels entirely different at the same time. But it’s a good different. Through all the training and preperation of these past months there has been an expectation and clarity that has arose.

Already I have met with many of my old friends from last year and connected with them. I have been asking God for a specific game plan this year for my friends. Especially the relationships that I cultivated last year.

Two days ago, our team visited our campus for a prayer-walk. We wanted to pray over the campus, hear what God was saying, and commit this year to Him. It was an awesome time! I am so excited for what is going to happen this year!