“Oh, now I understand!” Ellen exclaimed. I could almost see the clouds lifting off her mind.

I was relieved to find a solution to the language barrier. I brought my friend Lindsay along to help teach Ellen, Diana, and Michelle, three girls who had recently joined the family. Their English was…well…not perfect! Even though Ellei and I had been able to tell them enough to pray with them to receive Christ, there was still plenty that got lost in translation!

Lindsay shared her testimony in their language, and explained to them what it means to be a Christian. The girls were thrilled to hear it in their language, and be able to express their questions. They eagerly agreed to meet together weekly for the next month so that Lindsay can help teach them some important things about their new faith.

On the bus ride home, Lindsay was so excited. The thought of being a teacher for these three girls was both exciting and intimidating. “This is like a promotion! I must learn more so that I will be able to teach them!”

Lindsay & I decided to meet each week to plan together, so that she can prepare before teaching the girls! Now more than ever, she realizes the importance of learning about the Bible so that she can teach others. It's so exciting to see God working in Lindsay's heart! It's exactly what I've prayed for — disciples who will be faithful to teach others!