The sunshine is here!!! It’s fantastic. I think out of the past two weeks we have had about four days without sun. It surprises me sometime how nice having the sun out is. Like yesterday, I walked out of my apartment at about one o’clock to get something to eat and I was wearing pants and a fleece. I had been out earlier and it was comfortable out but as soon as I walked outside my building I took about five steps turned around and went back inside. I walked out five minutes later with a short sleeve t-shirt, shorts and sandals on. It has been amazing out.

Even more amazing than that though is all the work that God has been doing. Just this last week Al and I were able to sit down with three guys and teach them about what being dunked means. Two guys, Roy and Ksun, have been in the family for about five months and another guy Kevin had just came into the family two weeks before. It was great to walk them through what all the symbolism meant and what it meant for there live, how it was the next step in their Christian walk. They hooked onto the subject so well and were so excited to have it happen. My friend Ksun started the conversation “Yeah I have heard about it and wanted to do it but I’m not entirely sure what it was.” It was just so cool to see again how God is using us to help these guys along in there walk.

So Easter Sunday came along, (which I think it’s an awesome idea to do it on Easter cause it is even more of a connection of our sins going to the grave as we start our new lives as slaves to righteousness Rom. 6) and three guys were dunked and two girls. It was such a great time and to talk to them afterwards to hear how they felt. Words like new, excited and free were some of the words that they used. I have said it before and I’m sure that I’m going to say it again that it is so fulfilling to see how fast and much that these new family members are growing. I know that God is going to do amazing things through there lives that is going to extend for a lifetime after I leave this place. Thanks for all your support financially and in your prayers. I would never be able to do this without you.