“I am thankful that God has helped me to be friends with you,” said one of our new friends at their first Thanksgiving dinner. “It is truly a miracle how he brought us together.” My team was gathered in an apartment with 16 of our closest friends, sharing the things for which we are thankful after a huge meal. My team threw a Thanksgiving dinner for them, and it was a great success. We wanted to teach them about one of our most special holidays, bless them with a wonderful American-style meal (few of them had ever seen anything like it), and testify to God’s goodness in our lives. It was a little funny to eat Thanksgiving dinner with chopsticks (note: cut the meat into bite size chunks BEFORE serving – no one has a knife), and we had to explain every dish (how do you describe what gravy is, and why we put it on a bunch of the dishes we serve?), but our friends loved every minute of it.

As we began to share about the things for which we’re thankful after the meal, many of our friends shared thoughts about God’s blessing in their life. I was amazed at how many of them were glorifying Him –– yet only a few of them are believers (so far)! It has been incredible to see Him moving in their lives, and even though we haven’t seen any of our guys make a decision to follow Jesus yet, many of them are thinking about Him more today than ever before. I can see without a doubt that He has been having a significant impact on them, and I’m so thankful that I get to be a part of the work here.

I hope you are doing well as you read this, and that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. If you think of me and the team here in Asia, please pray for us as we head into the Christmas season. We will have many opportunities to share about the Story with people in the next month, and we want to see great fruit in our friend’s lives. Also, I feel that I should ask people to specifically talk to God for my sleep. Many people in my city have problems sleeping, and I am no exception as I’ve regularly had weird, disturbing dreams that rob me of rest at night. Will you please stand with me against the attacks of the enemy in this way?

Thanks so much for your “thoughts” and support –– great things are happening here! Have a great Thanksgiving, and eat a turkey leg for me!

In Him,