As I wrapped up my workshop at the ETHNOS missions conference last weekend, I couldn’t help but be thankful for what just happened. I spoke on “Dealing with Debt” — about how our country’s cultural views on debt can rub off on us, and how debt can hold us back from pursuing missions. A number of young people in attendance seemed challenged to get aggressive about paying down their student loans. Said one college graduate who wants to step out in missions:

“I’ve been thinking for a while about selling my car, but I’ve been avoiding it. I took out a big loan when I bought it, and now I can see that I have to downsize so I can get serious about paying down my school loans.”

From another: “I’ve been nervous about getting a roommate, so I’ve been putting it off. But I spend too much on rent, and I know I need to live with someone else so I can pay down my student loans more quickly.”

I was so blessed to hear their hearts! They’re getting serious about paying off debt and making themselves more available for missions! I didn’t start my day off knowing that would happen, but I’m so glad God moved their hearts while I shared. Is there some way He might want to use you this week to influence someone one step closer toward missions?