Where you go, I’ll go

Where you stay, I’ll stay

When you move, I’ll move

I will follow…

Since the last time I wrote, it has been very difficult in that there has not been a perceivable result for sharing with guys here in G-Town. Apparently, guys here in G-Town have always been so much harder to reach and share with. Since the time I have been in G-Town, I agree with that conclusion. Not only that, one thing seems to be consistent here in G-Town is that the guys who are not good “soil” are the ones who constantly & consistently want to meet and live life together. I have been here for about 75 days, witnessed 3 people come to know God, and all three have disappeared. Honestly, my work is not hard, but the lack of result is starting to get on my nerves and I find it a bit frustrating. At the same time, I keep reminding myself that the things I am doing are the things that God has called me to do. Not only that, the people who have heard the Gospel for the first time deserve to hear it. You see, it is not up to me who should hear the Gospel and how many times, but rather, everyone deserves to hear the Gospel & that Jesus loves them at least once. If for 9 months that is what He wants me to do, then I will gladly do it out of my love for Him.

Last week, there was a baptism service, where one of the girls who committed to follow Him got baptized. During that party, there were many people who have not committed to follow God, but I pray that out of the commitment and faith this girl demonstrated, others would come to know Him. That day was indeed a day of celebration!

Since I have been in G-Town, my team and I have shared the Gospel over 111x, that means over 111 students here have heard the Gospel. To that milestone, my team and I celebrated by going out to a picnic together. This celebration is a way to remember how far we have come and an encouragement for further sharing. It is my sincerest prayer that during my time here in G-Town, my team and I will share the Gospel over five times the amount that we celebrated this week. Not only that, that there will be many people who commit to walk in the LIGHT; so many that we would have a problem to figure out how to have all the discipleship groups. That is my prayers for G-Town, that the Father would raise up an army of men who are not only willing to walk in the Light, but also to commit to serve each other and the communities around them. That out of these people, they would transform Asia into a nation who follows after His heart!

I want to close this update with a encouragement that God has been speaking to me about through the first three chapters of “The Pursuit of God” by A.W. Tozer in the last three weeks. Through the first three chapters, God has been teaching me that He has called all of us to follow HARD after Him. In other words, it does not matter how hard others are following Him, but what it matters is how we are following Him. When following Him, He requires us to strip out everything, possessing nothing and then following Him. That means when we come before Him, we don’t have our own righteousness, theology, or anything else. We come before him stripped clean of all we have and think we have and then follow up. When we do that, we remove the veil that we have put up and now we can not only truly see God, but also be truly in His presence!. That’s my encouragement for you this week, that you follow hard after God after you have stripped off your personal possession (thoughts, theology, feelings), and truly enjoy God’s presence.

Enjoy Your Week & Peace Be With You