My camera lens is broken.  Broken, as in when I push the button to take a picture, an element inside the lens starts jumping up and down violently.  This is not good.  So, I grab my partner Leonidus and my local friend who I’ll call Ed and we head out to the official Canon store here in our city.  It turns out that Ed is quite the camera guy, and he is an excellent translator on our little adventure.  But that’s not the cool part of the story.

As we hop on the bus to take us across town, Leonidus sits down and says that his stomach is bothering him after dinner.  Immediately, I feel like the Lord wants me to pray for him, out loud, in front of our friend Ed.  Now, you have to understand, Ed is a very educated guy.  He’s hung out with a lot of western people, has been to church, and decided it’s not for him.  So I’m a little nervous to pray for a healing right in front of him.

After a few minutes of waffling, the Lord gets through to me and I say to Leonidus, “Hey, man, can I pray for your stomach to be healed?”  Just then, Ed looks really interested and says, “Oh, cool, I want to learn how to pray for people.”

“What!?” I say on the inside.  Leonidus and I exchange a glance that says, “Did he just say that?”  Right away I dive in and start talking about how God wants to demonstrate His love for us by miraculously working in our lives.  We told the testimony of a few people who got healed over the last few months, and then I prayed for Leonidus.  A few minutes later he said he felt fine, and we had a great conversation with Ed about the power of God.

Ed didn’t get saved that night, but we got to plant powerful seeds in his mind and heart about God’s love for us because of my willingness to step out and pray for healing.  Come on, Jesus!  He wants to perform signs and wonders so that people will come to know Him, and we’re getting to see them in our everyday life.  Will you please pray for more of these miracles so that all of our friends will know the power of God for themselves?

The last two months here have been great.  It’s not easy, but I feel like God is speaking to me all the time, and He has given us more friends than we are able to meet with every week.  Thank you for your prayers and financial support – they are making a difference!

In Him,