“Can I say something?” asked a young man at our kickoff spring training event last week. With a nod from our recruiting director, he stood and faced the 10 other recruits and Campus Target staff.

“Guys, we get to do this! God has chosen us, He’s changed us, and we get to go to Asia to be used by him! Do you understand how awesome this is?!” He shared for a few minutes, overflowing with love and thankfulness towards God, and excitement about leaving in August to serve Him.

This recruit’s joy and thanks were appropriate, both for our whole group, and for him specifically. The previous night we were all gathered together in a living room worshipping, hearing a powerful message from CT’s second-in-command, and asking God to touch and fill us. Many of us had a special night, but this young man in particular got rocked. God spoke directly to certain areas of his life that he’s been asking about, and the resulting change showed the next day as he shared with us.

Seeing young men and women changed by God and equipped for ministry is what we love to do as we serve in Campus Target. With these recruits, and a number of international young adults joining them, Campus Target’s 10th class of missionaries is coming together! We’re finalizing the application process for a few of them, and in the next week we’ll give everyone final acceptance calls!

Meanwhile, the team in Asia has under 1 month left, and we continue to hear encouraging stories from our long-term workers about their disciples stepping out to share the love of God with their friends and family! In this time of transition, will you please pray for these three groups of CTers?

  • The first year team returning
  • Next year’s team getting ready to go
  • The long-term workers who keep taking new ground even as their teammates change this summer.

Thank you for standing with us!