I (Wesley) had just finished giving my first full length recruiting message that I’ve given in a long time. I went into it not feeling totally prepared for my word, but the group I was speaking to was fantastic. It was about 50 college students and young adults, and from the first song of worship I could tell they were passionate about Jesus.

I shared from Psalm 84 about some verses that spoke to me about missions when I was their age. I also shared a fair amount of my testimony of getting involved in CT, and a whole lot of stories from Asia.

As the event ended, a cool looking guy in his mid-20s named Andrew came up to me and said:

“Ok, you got me.”

“What do you mean?” I asked in a friendly, but slightly puzzled, way.

“I need to go to Asia for a year. I never dreamed of anything like that coming into tonight, but I just felt like God was speaking to me as you were sharing.”

After encouraging him to pray about it and talk to some leaders in his life, he filled out an information card will very possibly be joining our team next year! Isn’t that awesome!?

Even more encouraging was the response from everyone else — all across the room I saw CT interns talking with young people who were seriously interested in a year in Asia. In the end, 10 people — 20% of the attendees! — filled out a card to learn more information.

Will you please pray for Andrew and the other 30+ people who have expressed interest in CT since the start of this school year? God is doing great things through the team in Asia, and He’s moving here in the States as well to call the next generation of CTers to go!