Wow, Buttercup and I have been totally blown away by so many people’s response to our last email! In the last week we’ve realized almost $2,000 has come in for our trip! This is amazing! Thank you so much!

Would you please pray for us as we travel? Our schedule is:

– June 24-26 – Fly from Toronto to our largest Campus Target city in Asia & get settled in.

– June 27-29 – Executive leadership meetings – the Exec team is together in Asia for the first time in 5 years!

– June 30-July 2 – Meet with the team and travel to CT city #2.

– July 3-6 – I (Wesley) travel with most of the team to a national park to celebrate CT’s 10 years of ministry; Joanna celebrates with other moms and kids in the city.

– July 7-11 – The whole team celebrates together, receives teaching from Pastor Mike (founding pastor of my home church and president of the local Bible college here in the States), and prepares vision and plans for the future

– July 12 – Marriage & parenting retreat for married CT couples – CT has a lot of families these days!

– July 13-14 – Fly home and recover!

As our departure gets closer, Joanna and I are getting excited – and nervous. Specifically, we’d like prayer for my wife Buttercup and our son’s health. They both have food sensitivities that limit their diet somewhat, and this will make international travel more challenging for us. We’re doing everything we can to prepare for the trip, but there’s only so much we can arrange ahead of time for a trip halfway across the world. Would you please pray for their health during the 20 days we’re gone? As we flex and adapt to what meals we can find, please pray for them to do better than we’d normally expect, and especially that our son would sleep incredibly well and wouldn’t be negatively affected by the food he eats. Thank you again for your support and prayers are we go – we’re excited to invest in the Campus Target team and our own vision and calling as we travel to Asia together!