A week from today, the four of us will be hearing the roar of jet engines. My wife will be nursing my daughter (we heard it helps with ear pressure during takeoff and landing), and Summer (our traveling companion) and I will be anxiously looking on to see how my daughter does during her first flight. Toronto to Chicago, Chicago to Asia. After we land in Asia at around 6:00 PM, we’ll have a 2-3 hour bus or train trip to our first destination city. We return July 13. Besides just wanting to break this missionary child in early, what’s the purpose of this adventure? The main thing is to take part in CT’s 10-year anniversary retreat. The majority of our long-term members are converging in a city in Asia to celebrate what God has done in the past and to let Him move our hearts for the future.

In addition, my wife, daughter, and I will spend some time in our home city where we’ll visit the church and take care of some business matters. I’m hoping to sell the translation business I’ve had for 5 years. Its main purpose was to provide a working visa for us, and because we’re not planning to move back to that city anytime soon, it’s best to sell it. Please pray for us!