Miranda reached over and clutched my hand. I looked over and saw her crying as we watched Jesus being beaten again and again. It was almost unbearable to watch. For Easter Sunday, we had invited 5 friends to come over to watch the film The Passion. Though none of them were believers, all of them were riveted by the story.

When the movie ended, Miranda again reached for my hand, and we just sat back in sober silence for a minute before she began to speak. She had felt His presence as we watched the story played out so vividly. His love for her was so clear – Jesus suffered so much so that she might know Him. Miranda could now see it so clearly. She seems really close to receiving Him! For the last 2 weeks, she has been reading her Bible, and every time she does, she feels peace fill her heart. It won’t be long before she decides to follow Him!

On the other side of the room, my roommates talked to their friends. Katherine, an antagonistic atheist, we had worried about inviting. She had been a distraction at our Christmas party when we had tried to share the Gospel with her. But we felt like we had to make one last effort to reach her. She was suddenly asking all the right questions, and was freshly open to the idea that maybe Jesus is real and maybe He really did die for us!

It was like the Holy Spirit dropped a bomb in the room that night. The whole atmosphere changed. All 5 girls stayed for over an hour after the movie ended, though it was getting late. They all left planning to read the Bible and search out for themselves if this is true, and how it will affect their lives. They know they have a decision to make. After all Jesus has done for them, will they choose to give their lives to Him?

My team and I were amazed. We are getting near the end of our time here, and with only 5 weeks left, we’re anxious to see things happen with friends. And now we feel encouraged that it is possible! God is still working on hearts, and drawing them closer to Himself. We are on the verge of breakthrough!