I had a full day ahead of me! I was back visiting friends in C-town, the city where I lived the past two years. Even though it was raining, I was excited to get on the bus and take one and a half hour ride to meet with a Asian brother, Shawn. As far as I was concerned, I was on my way to pick up gold! Shawn is one of the first fruits from Matt’s first year in Asia and is one of the people who helped inspire Matt to start CT, the organization with which I work.

Bus number 52 arrived at the bus stop, and I was on my way to pick up the first ever production of Shawn’s new CD. I heard Shawn had recently written some worship songs, and since I was going to be in town, I asked him to make a CD, so that I could take it back to other friends. I want them to experience worship in their own language, led by a student just like themselves. Burning within me is a desire to see students’ hearts moved to write songs, a new and fresh flavor of worship from their generation. “Let the worshipers arise!” has been a prayer from my heart for the past 3 years. Being able to sow vision into his life for production of a professionally made CD was incredible!

As I’m writing this blog, I’m listening to Shawn’s music. It’s rough and unrefined and beautiful! It’s so exciting to hear his heart expressing God’s greatness in Asian! God’s anointing on him to write songs for his generation is so strong! Two years ago he didn’t even play the guitar; now he’s writing and recording songs! It’s just the beginning!

Going from appointment to appointment, my day was full of reconnecting with various friends. Each appointment left me amazed at what God is doing among them! After picking up the CD’s hot off the press from Shawn, I met with my first Asian friend who became a Christian (Lianna), and she totally opened up an opportunity for me to share the Gospel with more of her close friends at an English Corner she started. Next, over lunch with Cathy, a sister I met with regularly last year, we took the time to boldly pray for each other right there in the restaurant! Then, I met up with Sophia, who suggested we take some time before shopping to randomly tell people walking by on the street that Jesus loves them. Even though I’ve summed up each one of these meetings in a sentence, each one is a much longer story, an incredible testimony of what God is doing in the lives of my friends from C-town!

Having the opportunity to visit friends in C-town was a major treat for me this past week! I’m so encouraged to once again see God’s faithfulness to take care of His own!