As my head hit the pillow my first night in Thailand, my mind flashed back to the experiences of the last four days: navigating my way through cancelled flights, finally making it to my destination after traveling over 11,000 miles over 91 hours – and I hadn’t even begun my work in Thailand yet!

Thankfully, my time in Thailand went much more smoothly than my traveling to Thailand did! There were two major victories that came out of my trip:

1) Campus Target’s top leaders in Asia stepped into a greater level of responsibility for our work. We held strategic leaders’ meetings in the first part of my trip, and all of our city leaders flew out to participate. We had some challenging decisions to make about CT’s future ministry, and these leaders, some of whom had never taken part in meetings like this, did wonderfully. They took on these issues with prayerful wisdom, and I’m exceedingly proud of how they made bold decisions after much discussion and planning.

2) I got to meet with many team members as they made big decisions about the future. This is a pivotal time for many CT members as they consider their future: will they return with Campus Target? Follow a career in ministry? Go back to school? What will their family think?

In the midst of all these questions, I got to share a meal with many of our team members and hear their heart for wanting to serve the Lord. One of my favorite moments was sitting at a lunchroom table with a few first-year CT members. As I shared my story of leaving my previous job to join CT, I could see they related with many of the questions I wrestled with at that time. They, too, are counting the cost of giving their life to missions, and I’m honored I got to be part of the process for them.