“You should go talk to that guy,” Buttercup said to me at the recruiting event last week, motioning to a friendly-looking guy across the room. “I noticed him during tonight’s service, and I think God might want him involved in Campus Target.”

I (Wesley) glanced over, saw he was in the middle of a conversation, and made a mental note to see if he was free later. I talked with a few other people while I waited, but when I looked up again he was gone. Slightly bummed and not wanting to be rude to the guy I was talking with, I turned my attention back to my current conversation. Then I felt a tap on my shoulder.

“Excuse me, can I talk with you for a minute?” It was our mystery man! Turns out his name is Chris, and he had come back to introduce himself before he went home. God has been increasing his desire for missions recently, and now he’s thinking seriously about working with CT in the future! I was so blessed that he sought us out, even when we missed the opportunity to reach out to him.

Conversations like these might sound ordinary, but they have the potential to change not just his life, but the lives of dozens and hundreds of students in Asia who will hear the Gospel if he goes. In addition to Chris, 32 young adults have already applied for this year’s team, and 13 others are seriously considering it. Would you please pray for Chris and this whole group of young people who have either applied or are considering going?

Meanwhile in Asia…
On the other side of the world, Campus Target teams are getting back on campus after the universities’ long winter break. This is a critical time for reconnecting with our new disciples: did they get to share about Jesus with anyone at home? Are they still growing and hungry for God? Did their family try to discourage their faith in Jesus?

These next two months will help set the course for the many discipleship and church groups that are forming to continue through the summer. Please pray for these new believers, and those who are still unsure – God has great work to do in this year, and we’re excited to see Him draw students to Him and bring them into community together.