This morning, while having breakfast with a friend, our conversation turned to being better dads and better husbands. We talked about putting our wives and kids first in our priorities and that means that we aren’t at the top of that list. It’s an easy thing to say but not always easy to practice.

As I was thinking more about how to do this, I was reminded that being a follower of Jesus isn’t about behavior modification, it’s about a change of heart. When I say behavior modification, I mean that what’s in our heart doesn’t change but our actions do based on whatever the reaction to our actions were. It’s like a dog with an invisible fence around his yard. He gets shocked enough times that he doesn’t want to try to run away anymore. But as soon as that collar is off, HE GONE! Bad dog. In his heart he always wanted to run but the collar wouldn’t let him.

What I mean is that being a Christian isn’t about wearing your moral “dog collar” every day (don’t lie, cheat, steal, kill people, do drugs and make sure to tip your waitresses) it’s about letting the Lord change our heart to be more like His. There is no behavior modification necessary if the outflow of our lives is loving God and loving others. I pray that the Lord would be working in your heart to be more like His.

These next few weeks in Campus Target are really exciting!

From April 3rd-6th we are going to be having 30-35 potential recruits coming to Lima for Minicamp. Minicamp is important because it is the kickoff to their summer of support raising and eventually getting on a plane in August. We talk more about who CT is as an organization, help them write support letters, and train them in how to have great face to face support meetings. It’s also where we get our final looks at recruits before we officially accept them to next year’s team.

Over the last 7 months, the recruiting team has been making hundreds of phone calls, driving all over the northeast to talk about Asia, interviewing dozens of potential recruits and getting ready for this training. Would you be praying for us?

  • We still feel like there are people that need to be there that haven’t applied yet. Ask the Lord to put it on their heart to Go to Asia.
  • God would give us the grace to have a great Minicamp. It is 3 days of super intense training. So we are going to need all the help we can get 🙂
  • God would give use wisdom and insight in the days after Minicamp as we make final decisions on who is part of next year’s team.

Thanks for your prayers.