We had finished the delicious dishes HotChocoLOT had prepared for our Christmas party, but I realized our 11 friends were still hungry. Not for more chicken or fried rice, but hungry to know more about God!

As Dove and our new friend Apple washed dishes in the kitchen, I joined their conversation to find Apple asking questions about our belief in Jesus. I stayed, and we moved from talking about God to questions she had about love. HotChocoLOT popped her head in, and we both began sharing about REAL love – Jesus love – for us and His death on the cross to take the punishment for our sins. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a group forming in our small kitchen as Eric and Sue crowded closer to hear what we were saying. HotChocoLOT continued talking to them about being part of God’s family, and I slipped out to say good-bye to one of the guests. As I moved through the living room, I stumbled across multiple conversations similar to the one going on in the kitchen. Thatguy sat by the Christmas tree with a few students, their card game momentarily forgotten as he engaged them in a story about Jesus dying on the cross. On the couch, Reebok had two students captivated as she told them the Christmas story of Christ’s birth and continued on to tell them of His death and resurrection! Cooldude sat on the floor with another group of students around him, listening intently as he answered their questions about the Bible. There was no way any guest there could escape the intense spiritual conversations going on in each group throughout the house!

I had to duck into the bathroom for a second, and I caught a glimpse of my beaming face in the mirror. I was overwhelmed with the sheer joy of what was going on. So many students, and all of them so hungry to know about God! What a privilege that we should be here right now to tell them the good news they have waited their whole lives to hear! During this season as we celebrate Christ’s birth, I can think of nothing better than getting to share the good news about Him with my new friends here in Asia!