On the same day I washed all the contact numbers in the washing machine with all my clothes, Buttercup and I were supposed to meet two of the people we had met the day before at a restaurant. We had been offered a seat at a table where another couple was already sitting! The rules here are so different! Once again, it was the Lord’s direction; we connected immediately with the couple, a boyfriend and girlfriend, both of them 4th year students at the university whom Buttercup and I had the privilege of naming David and Lianna. We casually made plans to meet the next night, and I was to give them a call to confirm the time and place.

But I had no phone number because I lost them! Buttercup and I figured the best thing to do was to go back to the restaurant and hope they showed up there. We waited for about 45 minutes before David and Lianna did show up! We explained how I had lost their phone numbers and couldn’t call them but how we prayed to God to meet them again. And he answered!

A couple meetings later, we decided to meet for dinner and go bowling. Buttercup and I brought our leader to hang out with us and David and Lianna. Over duck, we found out that David had an interest to know more about God, so we started sharing about the love he has for us! He loved us so much he sent his son!

Both of them made the decision to make Jesus Lord of their lives! Right there in the busy restaurant! It was such an amazing experience! After David and Lianna prayed, they expressed how they felt. David said before he always felt lonely, but now he knows he can talk with his father! Lianna said now she has more confidence inside and more peace.