“We’re living in revival! We’re going to look back on these days and be totally blown away by what God did here.”

When our Asia leader said this to me yesterday on our Skype call, as he described the incredible effectiveness of our teams this year, I knew something special is happening on the campuses right now. Well actually, I’ve known that ever since they got to Asia in August! Let me explain.

This year’s team of new people is remarkable. They have hearts that are open to the Lord and their leaders, and our long-term workers in Asia have found an amazingly effective method for doing ministry on the campuses. The combination of these two factors has created the single most fruitful start to a year in Campus Target’s history. In C-town, our largest city, over 40 Asian college students have decided to give their life to Jesus since mid-August, and the team hasn’t even been there two months! To put this in perspective, some previous years’ teams saw fewer results in 9 months than this year’s teams have seen in 6 weeks. That’s amazing!

What’s different? The teams pray a lot, spend time with Jesus, and (this is the big one) they share the Gospel with everyone they meet. Seriously! They’re just crazy about it. They share liberally with their friends, and a whole bunch of them have responded. By God’s grace, and their obedience and boldness, they’re off to the best start in Campus Target history.

Thank you for standing with us! We’re reaching Asia together!

Wesley & Buttercup