On Friday night, three of us American girls were meeting together with 2 Asian believers. One who recently accepted (in the last week or so), and another who has been a believer for a couple years. The goal of our meeting was to practice sharing the gospel, so that they would feel competent and confident to share with their roommates, classmates, family, friends … and … well, everyone!

As we started practicing, a guy walked by and, honestly, kinda creeped me out. He was awkwardly staring at the papers we had in front of us. After he left, we laughed at the awkward moment, and continued on as planned. The girls were practicing in their language, and I was listening and correcting them as needed. After fifteen or twenty minutes passed by, the guy returned. I asked him what he wanted (rather bluntly) and he said he has heard about Jesus but didn’t know much. We invited him to sit down with us.

Rather than us Americans telling him, we figured that the best way for our two Asian friends to practice sharing was to actually share. 🙂 Our one friend, Luna, took charge and began to share. Half an hour or so later, he left……As a new brother! Please be praying for him (his name is Franklin). He was actually only in the city for that one night on a business trip. After leaving, he was catching a train to a minority area. As he left, he said he was going to share this good news with everyone!

In the past 4 days we have seen 16 … Yes, 16 Asian college students accept Christ!!!!!! 5 of them were all classmates and all accepted at the same time! Since we have been here, we have seen … I don’t even know, 35+ salvations. And that’s in our city alone! Revival is happening in front of our eyes!!!!

Please please please pray for these new believers! That they would grow to become world-changers! That the Lord would send them to the ends of the earth to proclaim His good news!

Also, please pray for our new sister Kitty. As she was practicing with me on Friday, she said that she feels that God is calling her to share the gospel at her next public speaking gathering thingy (all I know is that she does public speaking for fun – in front of 500 or so people at a time). She told me that He has changed her life and everyone else needs to know too! So pray that the Lord would give her boldness and excitement to share. But also, that He would put a hedge of protection around her – as the police and government officials tend to … disagree … with the work we do. 🙂 She’ll be sharing sometime during the week long National holiday which starts October 1st.

Thank you for your love, excitement, prayers, and financial support! He is doing miracles through you!!!!!