My friend Amy, a sister from last year, has been persecuted a
lot for her faith this semester. When I met her last week, she told
me that people have been harassing her for her belief in God, that
several people have confronted her, calling her a traitor to her country,
and accusing her of either not being a real Christian, or not being
a “real Asian.” Even her teachers have called her down to the
front of her entire class twice and hinted that Amy has been
deceived by westerners, and that people should avoid making friends
with foreigners. Not only that, but every time she meets with me,
her roommates make fun of her, and her roommates were her best
friends before she became a Christian. Amy has no Asian
Christian friends, and I really want to see her have some more
support in her life. I’m also praying that she will draw near to
Jesus during this time.

A few days ago, Sheldon and I were on campus and met an Asian
Christian who said that he goes to a house church near campus, so I
am praying that this will be a good opportunity for Amy to meet
other sisters and brothers. 🙂