Last night, I spent my evening like Cinderella – on my hands and knees, cleaning. Elbow deep in Walex and fashioned with pink gloves, Mae and Priend and I scrubbed for hours and still have much to accomplish. While that sounds far from exciting, it does accompany some exciting news: We finally got an apartment! Our Father has been beyond faithful: our news place is a three bedroom, two bathroom dig, with a nice kitchen, washer, and living room. But most importantly, the apartment is a 2 minute walk from campus, which will make our work here so much more effective. I’m so excited to invite our new friends over for girl nights and for the upcoming times when we can study the Word together. Plus, the space also allows us to host our weekly “family party” here! I feel like we are sitting right in the palm of God’s hand.

I’ve also been really blessed by the friends God has started to put in my life. Recently, Mae, Priend, and I went out for dinner with Qiu, a girl I met through Yuen. Qiu has such a friendly, outgoing spirit, and has already started to knit herself into our lives: she showed us where and how to get a bus pass, is playing basketball with us on Saturday, and is going to help us bargain for a bike on Sunday! This girl is definitely a welcoming, intelligent, and bold girl, and I am praying for some more open doors into deeper conversation about Him.

Please pray for these sort of open doors in our conversation and for the seeds for truly deep friendships. I know that we have only been here for a couple weeks, but I am anxious to see God’s face and His hand working in our friend’s hearts. So please also ask God to keep close to me, to give me the right words, and patience. =)