The beautiful blue sky had slowly been filling with clouds and as soon as we stepped  outside, the first raindrops hit. My team was heading out for our first pr-yer walk on our campus. Hurriedly, we raced across the street to buy umbrellas, and continued on our
m*ssion. A mild rainstorm wasn't going to stop us from stepping foot on  campus and claiming the territory we felt like Dad has given us this year!

Two weeks later all 16 energetic young Americans crowded into my living room for our Team Party. I smiled as I scanned the room, watching them laugh at each others stories from the week. “You ate dog noodles?!” “I had chicken feet!” “I almost hit a bus when I was riding my new bike!”

When I called our party to order, I was blown away by the testimonies. Every single team had been pr-yer walking on their campus the first week, praying for God to bring along the right friends that were open to the Gospel. Now we were already seeing answered
prayers! Every set of partners had made connections with students, and by the first or second appointment with their new friends, they were already going deeper – talking about the Bible or godly relationships. Some of the friends were already asking them
questions about religion or faith!

Our pr*yers are already being answered! I am full of faith for this year! The first two weeks since landing in Asia have been intense – I have been extremely busy juggling my responsibilities as both city and team leader. Would you keep praying for our Father to give me strength and wisdom as I lead? I feel like this year more than ever, I am learning to be fully dependent on Him!

Praise Report!
Within one week all the apartments were found for each team, in great locations near their campus. We all have bikes, cell phones, and language tutors now. Everyone seems to be settling in and adjusting well to their new home!