I’m sitting in the Rochester, NY convention hall surrounded by 2,000 young adults. The look of this missions conference is the same as many others – cool lights, great music, powerful speakers. The only difference is: I can’t understand a word that’s being said! Turns out this is a Korean missions conference!

But we won’t let a little thing like language and cultural barriers get in the way when we have an opportunity to challenge young adults for missions, so we’re diving in. Buttercup and I arrived here on Christmas day to represent Campus Target, along with Stephanie, a Korean-American girl who came to Asia with CT last year. We’re telling as many young people as we can about what God is doing on the college campuses in Asia.

One exciting development is that we’ve been invited to speak from the main stage to promote CT. We have five minutes to share stories and vision, and please pray for us up there – I’ve never spoken in front of 2,000 people before! Please pray that God would speak powerfully through us and open many young adults’ hearts to go to Asia.

Also, coming up in January, I (Wesley) will travel to Thailand to meet up with the Campus Target team. I’ll meet with our Asia leaders to help make decisions about our ministry, people, and future initiatives. It’s one of the most strategic times of the year for our leadership team, and I have a sense that this trip will have a significant impact on the future of CT’s work in Asia.