As a looked around the room I saw everyone seeking the Lord and crying out to him for our friends. The time had gradually grown more intense as it went along; it started off just with some songs and individually talking to God. Then the Holy Spirit showed up and just grew more intense; people where crying, some where almost shouting to see God move in their friend’s lives. I really felt that that time was really powerful. We were talking to God for our friends and denouncing any power of the evil one in their lives.

We were all taking a stand to do what the Lord put us here for, which is to see students here come to know Him. This time remind me of the power talking to God has and it encouraged me to do it even more then I had been.

Also, it was exciting and encouraging just to see all of us here in my city together asking Him for our friends to come to know Him. I always enjoy the times when all of us get together to worship our Heavenly Father, and once a month we also have a time specifically for just talking to Him for our friends, this was that time. It was just awesome to be in a room of people all asking for the Lord to move in the hearts of the people here.