“I don’t know if this will offend you, but I have to ask you this
question. Does God really love me as much as He loves the two of
you?” Asked our friend Jeanette. With tears in our eyes, Sonata and
I began to tell her the whole story of how much God really loves
her. This was the second time in one week that Sonata and I were
able to share with our friends the entire story of God’s love.
Several of our friends said they were very thankful to hear about
God’s love and we are going to do a Bible study with them more
often. The past few weeks have just been amazing with what God has
been doing in our lives as well as our friends.

Well, I’m sorry that I haven’t written a blog in two weeks. I
officially was sick last week with a cold  and so did not feel up
to doing a lot most of the week. Sonata and I have felt like God
has called us to a 21 day fast and prayer time for our friends and
that didn’t seem to help my cold at all. But the Lord is faithful,
and healing comes and I feel much better this week.

Even with sickness, I have still been very busy these two weeks.
Most of our friends are finishing up their final exams before they
leave for Spring Festival, and so meetings with friends has been a
little hectic. We are trying to get in a few last meetings before
they leave for a month. Sonata and I are still praying about which
friend we should accompany home for the Spring Festival, so please
keep that in your thoughts and prayers!

I was finally able to get my visa all figured out this week! I now
have a visa that will last me the rest of the time here, with
multiple entries. Rosie and I had visit a city outside of Asia,
to get a new visa. God’s favor was on our entire trip, and we were
able to be get everything worked out and we were able to see a few
of the sights while we were waiting for my visa to come in. Thank
you so much for your support and your prayers! I am so thankful
that I no longer have to worry about getting another visa.

Please pray with me about the future and whether or not I should

Prayer Requests:
1. Where Sonata and I should go for Spring Festival
2. Still a little sick
3. We are leaving for Thailand soon, and that all of the finances
come in for that trip
Praise Reports:
We now have a new brother and sister! And a fellowship here told us
that we now have 120 new believers in the family!!
God is doing amazing things here!

I hope you are all well, and that you are being blessed by the Lord
this week.