Wa-bam, baby! Things are really cooking over here. I know it’s been
a little while since my last update, and I apologize for that. My
computer has been broken, but Rocky is
a computer wizard and fixed it up for me!

I have something really exciting to share. During a time of
intercession a few weeks ago, Skittles and I felt led to ask God
for at least 5 Bible studies by the end of October. That didn’t
exactly happen, but we’re super close! We have four studies going
right now (three solid ones, and one that’s a little sketchy, but
I’m counting it in faith! Haha).

I’d like to give you all a brief synopsis of what’s been going on,
and who’s coming.

Wednesday night: Wang Qing, Ting Ting, Judy.
Friday night: Yvonne, Yu Ting, Iris, Li Wei Ran
Sunday afternoon: Rain
Sunday night: Polly

(There are a few other girls who are interested but we haven’t
gotten to set up a consistent study time with – like Blue Coral.  )

I would like to share briefly with you about each of those groups
over the next several days. Today, I want to share about Wang Qing.
This is a girl with a lot of connections. We’ve met and developed
relationships with five other girls because of her! Girls are drawn
to and look up to her because she has THE LIFE: she owns her own
apartment, cooks her own food, and most importantly, she’s married.
Asia holds onto its culture with a tight grip, and the traditional
roots are very deep. Being married is still one of the highest
priorities on many girls’ lists.

Despite the sensation of having a cookie cutter life, Wang Qing has
an interesting story that goes beyond the stereotype. As we get to
know her more, we get to see the deeper side of things. Even though
there are strokes of darkness in her life, there are lots of open
doors for God. First of all, her husband is a Christian who
introduced the Bible to her. Plus, Skittles and I can really see
things God placed inside her heart. Wang Qing is a real leader. She
organizes girls and frequently brings new people into our lives.
She’s a person of influence, and is genuinely curious about Jesus.

Please pray for her. She really does have a lot of influence in our
friend’s lives. Sometimes Skittles and I feel like if she’s not on
board, the other girls won’t be either. When we invite Lao Susan or
Eva to hang out, they almost always ask if Wang Qing could come. I
know that God will give all of these girls’ personal reasons to
follow him, but we also see the magnetic quality He’s put inside of
Wang Qing. Please ask that He would use it for His own purpose and
glory and that all of these girls would get saved.

Recently, as I’ve been praying for my friends, God has been
speaking to me that “today is the day of salvation.” Today is
always the day of salvaton. Today, thousands of people are getting
saved. The fields are white for harvest *now*. Please join me in
asking God that he would add our friends to that number, and soon!

Thank you so much!! All glory belongs to the King! God bless you
all. =) Your sister and friend,