My team (this month we call ourselves the Narwhals) has been trying
to start two weekly Bible Studies — one for girls and one for boys.
This past week the boys had our second one, and a lot of people
came, including a girl! So i invited Summer from the Narwhals to
join the Club, and before we knew it, it was a mixed club. Oh well!
 I think we’re just going to go with it in the future.

In our Bibel studies, we look at a passage, have everyone read it, and
ask questions about it. What can we learn about people and what
people need? What does it teach us about Jesus? How does it
change our lives? The goal is to discover life changing truth AND
to show people from the beginning that they can personally be
impacted by the Bible, rather than needing someone to explain
it to them. And the things that people say!

We were looking at the story about Jesus chasing bad guys out of the
temple in the second chapter of John.

“People are greedy.”

“People have a tendency to ignore spiritual needs and just focus on
physical needs.”

“I think Jesus was able to love people so much because of His love for
His Father.”

Wow! That’s all i have to say. Oh, and thank You, Father, for
hiding things from the learned and powerful and revealing them to
the simple and hungry.


**  I’ve been having a hard time the last couple of weeks
organizing my time and staying with a schedule (pretty important in
my job!). Please ask for grace to improve in that area.

**  Ask for Father to radically rescue our friends’ souls

**  Satisfaction in Him for all of us

**  For the fellowship of young family members to develop group
identity and excitement about being together in Jesus.

Thanks! I really appreciate your partnership in seeing the Kingdom
come to Asia!