We had asked Chloe some pretty difficult questions

  • Do you believe Jesus died for your sin and came back to life?
  • Are you willing to tell other people about Jesus?
  • If your family opposes your decision, are you willing to endure and follow Jesus with your whole heart?
  • If people laugh at you, or if you are persecuted, are you willing to follow Jesus and not look back?
Standing in the water, Chloe looked at us and with sincerity and said ‘yes’ each time. Then with Ruby* standing behind her, she started to say a few words. Looking at her friend who came to witness her baptism, she began express her heart, sharing her thankfulness and hope for the future. Then she ended by very gently but with great cheer in her voice, “I know I really am God’s daughter. And I will love Him forever.”

Ruby helped Chloe position herself in the water and then dunked her in the pool we’d set up in her living room. This is the coolest job in the universe. 🙂

When she got out of the water, we prayed for her to receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and Chloe said after that she really felt his presence, love, and power.

After we talked about what she was feeling and celebrated by eating cake, we started talking about church and the schedule conflicts Chloe has: like a lot of our friends, Chloe has class all weekend (boo!) and she isn’t able to attend either of our fellowships. We were talking about this when Chloe hemmed, “Ah! I really want to go to church. We should start meeting on another night for church. What about Wednesday?”

I sort of looked at Ruby a little dumbfounded. My mind started racing with the implications of her request. “Well, I said, let’s think about it and talk again at our regular time on Friday.”

I’m really not sure if it’s feasible or good to start another meeting on Wednesday or not — but one thing I do know: Chloe is on fire! I really do believe she is going to be a life long lover of Jesus who helps others to know about Him!

Please pray for the ministry here in The X that God would give us wisdom about how to see his Kingdom expand and multiply. I want to see thousands of people won for Jesus. Only He knows how to see that happen.

Thank you for everything you do to support me here 🙂