One divine connection after another.

That’s how it felt, when Lola and I were in New Zealand exploring partnerships to send future Kiwi young people into Asia.

Over one 24-hour period, God gave us special connections with person of influence after person of influence who we didn’t even know existed the day before. The pastor of the largest church in the nation (mostly all young adults), the leader of a ministry training school for young adults, the leader of an interdenominational movement on the high school campuses, pastors of campus churches. I felt absolutely powerless to make anything happen on this trip, but God had enough power to do more than we even asked or imagined.

We are praying for God to send 4 young adults from NZ in over this next year as the pioneers from these movements—to open the doors for many more to follow.

Thank you so much for praying. God was using your prayers to open doors and make divine connections that we couldn’t make ourselves!

Back in our city, God has been doing great things. Recently, we’ve had students coming to Christ each week. A precious girl just got baptized last night. And around 8 students have just recently locked into getting discipled at a deeper, more committed level. He is answering our prayers!