All tribes, all tongues, all nations…that’s who Jesus said he loved and wanted. Not just a few. Not just Westerners. But all people, everywhere. In Asia alone, there are scores of ethnic minority groups, many of them unreached by the Gospel. And He longs for them all.

It’s been my long hope and desire to give my king the desire of his heart. Last week, I was part of something that I had previously only dreamed of.  Students from all corners of Asia gathered together to pray, to worship, but more importantly, to respond in boldness to the call Christ gave us in to go into all the world.

Four teams of students, led by their peers, prayed together and chose a people group, a place, and a method for a four day short term trip. One of our teams determined to minister to a leper colony. Another team of young men traveled to help another missionary base with various needed construction projects. Two of our teams decided to simply go visit an ethnic village and share the good news with whoever the Spirit led them to!

In the same way that Jesus sent out the 72 in Luke 10, without extra bags or money and relying completely on the leading of the Holy Spirit, our friends went out … and they came back with so much JOY! People from three different people groups received salvation! Doors were opened for seeds to be planted! Here are some snapshots of what happened:

* Liberty, a young believer from an ethnic minority group, went to her own hometown, and her grandmother decided to believe! This is a huge step for Liberty and a significant victory for our local church!

* Daniel went into a village where, according to the Joshua Project, there are 0.00% believers. Because it is so uncommon for people to just visit there, he was questioned by the locals as to who he was looking for. “What’s their last name?” Daniel guessed. “What do they look like?” He wasn’t sure. “How is it that you don’t know anything about them?” Daniel hesitated. There is one thing I know, he timidly responded. They believe in Jesus. “Oh!” They said.” Walk up that hill. You will find them up there.” On the top of that hill, Daniel met a family who in the last two years through a marriage to a believer from another minority group had given allegiance to Christ! They are the first known believers in this people group in all of history! They have no Bibles and no access to the word in their own language. Although some can speak the standard language, many cannot even read. But we have determined to help bring resources to them and equip the very new church!

XiaoZhu met a young boy with disabilities whose father had died. Because of his disabilities, he was not able to speak or to cry. He was despised by his mother. But XiaoZhu, filled with compassion, prayed for him. And the young boy looked at her and called her “mama” and then began to cry!

I could tell a dozen more powerful stories of the things that God did on this trip. I am in absolute AWE of the things that happened.

It’s really happening. This is an exciting time for us. Those of you who have been partnering with me financially and lifting us up in prayer — it’s really happening. The things we have been hoping for and running after are coming to pass!