Happy Resurrecti0n Day!

As an entire CT family we have committed to pray like we’ve never prayed before by collectively praying 24 hours/day for 30 days. Just last night, we reached the halfway point of the 30 days. All together, we recounted stories of how we have already seen God move in powerful ways in response to our prayers, and it’s just one of those stories that I would like to share with you all today…

Popeye and Olive met Anya a few months ago. They shared the Gospel with her, and she was interested in learning more. Since Popeye and Olive have been in the States, I have been reaching out to Anya.

The second time we met, I was able to give Anya a Bible, and I encouraged her to keep seeking God. She was moved by the verse I shared with her, and as we walked around campus that night, she began to unpack her heavy heart to me. Anya shared with me that one of her classmates committed suicide that very week. I felt my heart shatter and that lump in my throat refused to depart. We were both in tears as Anya questioned whether her classmate would have given up on life had she known God and known His hope. Amidst a culture of shame and emotional suppression, I felt deeply honored that Anya opened up to me like she did. Honestly, I had more questions than answers myself, but was stirred to pray and to ruthlessly believe that God would take even the pain of this situation away and bring about something good. He uses everything.

From that night, I knew that Anya was interested in attending church, so I arranged to have lunch again with Anya and brought along my friends Stella and SiQi (one of our Ch1nese disciples) who could get her plugged in with the local church. Though most of the conversations were in Chinese, I knew Stella and SiQi were sharing more about Jesus with Anya, and I could tell that Anya was on board. As we walked around campus, Anya told several stories of all the Chr1stians she has met at various points in her life. It became even more obvious to me that she was on God’s heart and that He desperately wanted her to know Him. At one point, she said, “I want to believe in G0d, and I think that once I go to church, I will.” Though I was out of town for the next week and wouldn’t be able to go with Anya, I messaged her to encourage her to go anyway, to which she replied, “I am going to join them without hesitation!” Yes!!!!

All of this really could not have happened at a better time. Anya was able to go to the Easter event that following weekend where four of our Chinese believers shared their testimonies and were baptized. Around the time that the event was starting, my best friend Ruby and I were covering a 2-hour prayer slot during which we asked God for salvations that night, specifically for Anya. From what I’ve heard and seen, it was a really powerful time. After the event, Stella talked with Anya about what she was thinking and presented the G0spel to her again, and I am overjoyed to be able to say that Anya has decided to believe and follow Jesus!

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why we pray without hesitation. We partner with God. We ask him for things, and he comes through. That being said, please join me and all my friends in prayer. Specifically, I want to ask you all to intercede for Crystal, who has been having major doubts as of late. There has been sadness, of course, but I remain hopeful, especially because she and Anya are good friends! Pray that God would draw her back to Himself and that her faith would be renewed. God is faithful when we are faithless, and He promises to save completely.