A team of 6 young people from our churches pushed their van up the icy hill as they spun out of control on their way up the mountain. At the top, they climbed back in and began to pray as they wildly slid down the other side on a dangerous mountain road. Finally, they made it to the home of the isolated Lasami people high up on the side of the mountain. From all research available, there were no Christians among this people, and there never have been.

They split into twos and spread out among this isolated village crying out to God to lead them to persons of peace that He had prepared. God led one pair to a very special family. A young woman in that family had married a believer from another local people group within the last 2 years, and their whole family had chosen to give allegiance to Christ. And now another family had recently given their lives to Christ as well! Our team discovered what are probably the first believers among this people group in all of history. Jesus won another tribe to worship Him for eternity!

There is no scripture, Jesus film, or even gospel recordings in their language—so we believe this is the beginning of an opportunity for our local church in that province to continue to disciple these two families, so that they can reach the entire tribe spread across 9 villages.

Here are a few other highlights from the short-term trip:

  • A young man gave his life to Christ from one of the most well-known unreached people groups in the world.
  • The grandmother of one of the believers from our churches gave her life to Christ. She is also from an extremely unreached people group.
  • Another young man gave his life to Christ in a village where he exclaimed to one of our students, “No one in our village has ever even heard of Jesus before!”

With the stakes this high, there was significant spiritual warfare during this entire event. Thank you so much for praying for us. Jesus is doing great things among the students and the unreached people groups of this nation!