Tonight I got to have dinner with Herbert and then later go to an art party with him.  We just sat down for dinner and he says to me, “I think God is helping Mei Ling.”  (btw, we never did get to go see her and pray for her, we’ve just been asking God to move in the situation and do what He wants for her here because she went home from the hospital or something) So I asked him what happened and he told me this testimony.

Mei Ling’s family is very very poor.  The way Herbert described it, they don’t even have 1 元 to spare to go towards curing her.  In the past at the school when someone has had leukemia and no money to pay for it, nobody did anything.  But for some “strange” reason, her classmates decided to hold a fund raiser/activity thing to raise money for her.  They thought that maybe they could raise 50,000 yuan (which is no measly feat, that’s around $7,350 american).  Turns out, they raised…. Over 200,000 yuan!! (around 29.5 thousand dollars! That’s ridiculous in America for a campus, let alone Asia).  She will still need more money, but that will cover her through till she gets the surgery at the very least.  Also, according to Herbert, there are 2 phases to get through before she can have surgery which has about a 10% chance of working.  She passed the first phase where the probability of people getting past it is between 10-30%.  The whole situation is turning into a huge miracle that God is using and will use to affect many lives!

Please please please keep on praying for her!  Well, really we just want to see God’s glory seen by all right? J  Herbert is fast on the way to becoming a Christian, and with Easter season here we are getting many opportunities to bring up God and what Jesus did for us.  We will be showing the Passion movie tomorrow night, so please pray for a good showing of people who are receptive and will be impacted by God.

He is doing it!!