Just wanted to let ya’ll know that our candy outreach activity went AMAZING! Here are some highlights: 

1. We divided up into two groups, and split up to cover more area. We hit classrooms, dormitories, people sitting outside studying, students near the library, ping pong players, students merely walking around; we gave out verses and candy (over 400) to a lot of people all over campus! 

2.  Two of the guys Asian friends came along and they did the majority of the handing out! The two guys were Frankie, who is a brother, and Michael, who isn’t even saved yet!  Michael was in my group, and it was really encouraging and exciting seeing him sprint around and happily pass out these candies saying “hao hao kao shi! ye su ai ni!” (Good luck on your test!Jesus loves you!) It was great to plant that seed in him of what it feels and looks like to follow God and love others. 

3. The people who received from us were really surprised, all of them smiled, and several of them asked us why we were doing this, which gave us a great opportunity to further plant a seed about who God is and how real His care is. 

4. I made a new friend! Liu Yang was the last girl I gave a lollipop to, and it had lost its accompanying Bible verse, so I started talking to her in person, in the local language, about why I was giving it to her. She was really delighted and so shocked. And I was surprised too, because she has amazing English and also seems very eager to be friends. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get closer over the next semester! 

Thank you so much to everyone who was praying and lifting this up! This weekend we’re doing a prayer walk over the North Train Station and I think some of our friends might be joining us. Thanks for keeping it in your thoughts!