“Why are people standing outside and not going in?” I said as I neared my apartment. I looked inside and saw at least 30 Asian students already packed into my little apartment for a Christmas party. In total I think we squeezed about 45 people in. It was fun, we sang some songs, decorated cookies and best of all, I shared the good news with all of them.

The next day we had another party at my house, but this time one of our Asian churches put it on. We didn’t know how many people planned to come exactly, and were surprised to have another 40-head party! This time, Eagle (my Singaporean teammate) shared the good news. Afterward, a seven year old (someone brought their little cousin) was playing in my room, and I went in and picked up my guitar. He didn’t know any English, so we were chatting a little in the local language. Suddenly he asked me a peculiar question: “If I break your guitar will I go to hell?” I thought maybe I misunderstood what he said, so I went for help. Yalin, one of the Asian believers, came in and started talking to him and sharing the gospel. I gave input here and there, and in the end, the kid believed in Jesus!!


While at an English corner, Blake, one of the guys on the American short-term team, was trying to share the good news with a student. He was arguing really, trying to explain how we are apart from God and can’t do anything on our own to get back to Him. But the Asian guy wasn’t very interested, and continued to argue back. All of the sudden Blake felt a tap on his shoulder, and when he turned around, a different Asian guy said, “If he doesn’t want to know how to have a relationship with God again, can you tell me?” That’s a pretty exciting thing to hear. Blake went on to lead him to the Lord that very evening!


In other news, I made it back safely from Thailand. It was actually very busy this year for me, but I was able to rest for a few days. Tomorrow is the first day of Spring Festival, with tonight being the big firework kickoff. Most everyone has gone home (every year there is a mass migration home in Asia), so ministry is a bit dead at the moment. Some of the team has gotten the opportunity to go to their friends’ homes, so please be praying for them. On the 27th we’ll all be traveling to C-town for our Winter Session, where we are having some guest speakers come and teach, as well as doing a few days of ministry and life skill training. This time serves two purposes: 1) a time to get some more training and work on any personal issues and 2) providing productive activity until our friends return from holiday. Please be praying for this time as well, that the Lord will show up and minister to all of us.


Happy New Year!!