As I was sifting through DVDs at a small outdoor shop on campus, I made eye contact with a girl holding a copy of some low quality chic-flick. After exchanging awkward glances and finally saying hello, I introduced myself to Polly, and handed her a copy of Pride and Prejudice, ensuring her of its popularity and romantic thrill. That afternoon, we had tea together and made plans to watch the movie at my apartment a week later. During the movie, I had my ‘Missionary Face’ on: I had grand thoughts of leading questions like, ‘So, what do you think love is?’ and ‘What makes you feel cared for?’ etc. But, that’s not at all how it went. Instead, Polly had dozens of questions, like, “What tv shows do you watch? Can you cook? Do you like shopping?” The meeting felt like a total bust.

 Then later that night, Skittles and I got a text message from her saying, “Thank you so much for tonight. I really felt that God let me to meet you! =) =) =)” Furthermore, she wanted to meet again a few days later. Skittles and I already had a full schedule, so we invited her over in the morning, and introduced Polly to her first cup of real coffee; black as tar but she absolutely loved it! While chatting, Polly asked why we weren’t free for lunch that day several times, so we told her the truth; Skittles and I had made a choice to spend the afternoon fasting and talking to God.

“Oh! I don’t know how to pray.”

“It’s just like talking to a friend. You can say anything you want.”



Polly decided to ‘have a try.’ It was very cute:  she whispered through the prayer, using broken English in-between mottled sentences of her own language.  Afterwards, she smiled a lot and we chance then to tell her the gospel story in detail, from Genesis to resurrection, and also gave her an invitation to study The Bible with us. Polly enthusiastically accepted and we gave her a Bible, which she held like treasure, repeatedly saying how excited she was. As we talked about the Book of John, Polly exclaimed, “Maybe by the time I am done with John, I will become a Christian! I will read it over the next 8 days.”

I hope that those words come true! Please pray that Polly will actually make time to study with us, and that she will come to understand God’s love for her, choose to receive it, and give her life to Him. Also, I know that Polly is stuck in the middle of a really difficult family situation. Please ask God to give Skittles and I wisdom on how to help her during this time and also that He would restore the broken relationships in her life, particularly with her dad.

Thank you for your prayers! They are really making an impact! Also, I’d like to say thank you again to everyone who is supporting me financially. I am really blessed by your faithful giving! 

In Him,