I can’t believe it! Beyonce and I are married!!! It has been a surreal
experience these past 3 weeks. From our actual wedding to
honey-mooning in Maui; and now we are smack-dab in the middle of
training this year’s team for Asia.

Beyonce and I have been finding time here and there to set up our
apartment and get things unpacked. It’s been so much fun opening gifts
and using our gift cards to buy things for the house, it’s fantastic!

We want to thank you for your prayers and support during these past
months! Even though there were some stressful times with the wedding
and all, we felt covered and smothered with your love and prayers. We
have truly experienced the favor of the Lord in our lives during this
past month. Spiritually and financially, in every area, the Lord has
been faithful!

We are thrilled about what lies ahead for us. If you haven’t already
heard, Beyonce and I will not be going with the team to Asia this next
year. There are multiple levels to this decision, but we felt strongly
from the Lord that we should take this next six months to a year and
stay stateside.

As Beyonce and I were going through this process before the Lord, He was
also speaking to our stateside staff saying, “Go to Asia!”. Ha, so
you can see where this is headed. And so as of right now and
throughout the rest of the year Beyonce and I are running the Campus
Target office. (I have watched ‘The Office’ seasons 3-5, so I am ready
to go) Finances, administration, recruiting and running training
events are the main things that will be doing. What fun, huh!?!?

Our income will still be through monthly support, so we apprieciate
your faithfulness so much! From having a crazy summer we didn’t do any
support raising at all, but in these months ahead we are going to
start it up! We are really looking forward to connecting and seeing you!

I have to say, I feel like the luckiest guy in the whole world. A God
that never fails, the best wife in the world, getting to play a part
in the great commission and partnering with YOU! Beyonce and I pray the
Lord blows your socks off with blessings and His presence!

Reaching Together,

Jay-Z and Beyonce