Getting engaged is so exciting, to be able to plan the wedding of your dreams, it’s so much fun! But it’s also really busy, especially when you only have 4 months to plan it all out!

A lot has happened since our engagement, we have gone on a recruiting trip to Kingdom Bound, which was so much fun, and we got to connect with a lot of people who are really interested in coming to Asia with us next year! It’s so crazy to think that we are about to send a new team and that we are already preparing to send our next one!

The team that is leaving this year is going to be here in 11 days! That is SO exciting! They are going to be here for a little over 2 weeks preparing to go to Asia. It’s crazy that some of the people that are going to be here, are people that Aladdin and I have personally invested in and spoken to and encouraged and now they are on their way to Asia to share the Good News!!

During this time, Aladdin and I are both going to be heavily involved in their training. We are both co-leading teams and with be helping those that still have money left to raise, as well as spending quality time with them and attending classes with them to equip and prepare them for what is ahead. We are so excited for this team and are praying that they have a huge impact on the campuses that they will be working on.

This season, although very busy, is really exciting for us because we are seeing seeds that we have sewn being reaped and we are so thankful and grateful to our Father for that. Please be praying for this new group, their finances, travel, and vision for this upcoming year! We love you guys! Thank you!