The subject of this email is “7 ways the world is changing”… Want to know what those 7 ways are?!

Penny, Nala, Yohanan, Lala, Momo, Aslan, and Woody. These 7 Mexican young adults are world-changers and I am so incredibly excited that they are going to be in Asia in just a month!

Over the last 9 days we had 2 jam-packed days of training, shared at a local church, worked together to fundraise and recruit at a youth conference during the week, and then capped it off with a Q&A with their families. As I was able to get to know this team better, my excitement just continued to grow. They are absolutely incredible!

These young Mexicans are so committed to Christ and to doing whatever it takes to get to Asia so they can share His love there. They have been working hard all summer to raise support and funds for their trip.