Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Hope all is well with you. I am praying that God is blessing each one of you in a tremendous way. I started the title of this blog with this song title because the rest of the song goes, “You’re our hearts’ desire, living flame of love come baptize us, come baptize us.” God is living and his love his everlasting. It goes to show how much he wants to see his lost children come to him. We have seen more people come into the family of Christ recently. This is amazing, because during the end of the semester there are many exams, which is a very busy time for the Asian students. But this hasn’t stopped God from working.

Continue to pray for me in these times of busyness so that I can get into contact with my friends and keep bringing people into the kingdom through God alone!. Also, as I am doing God’s work over here, I have found myself short on financial support. If anyone is feeling led to give, it would be such a huge blessing. Thank you so much for your continued prayer.

Keep moving in God.

Your brother,