This weekend, Aladdin and I went to a conference called BASICcon, a Christian conference geared toward college students, and it was AWESOME! We want to thank you so much for your prayers and support, because there was so much fruit at this event! This event is specifically near and dear to my heart because it was where I heard about Camus Target and received my calling to Asia. Although the hours are long, they are worth it if someone’s life gets changed forever. Please continue to pray as we reach out to those who showed interest this past weekend!!

Because of your investment in us, you are furthering our Father’s Kingdom by helping us be able to gather more laborers so that more can hear, more can be saved, and most importantly, they can be brought home to their Heavenly Father who loves them so much!! Thank you for changing lives!!

Each year at BASICcon we have a lunch where we give out free pizza and we share about what we do in Asia. This year was a little different, because unlike the year that Aladdin and I went to Asia, Campus Target is now only offering a one-semester trip. It’s going to be awesome, it’s quite a bit cheaper, half of the time that it used to be, and filled with super fun stuff! That gets the attention of a lot of people!!

We had one young man that applied to go right then at the conference! We also had about twenty people who wanted to learn more about what we do in Asia and how they could go!