Update on our church:
Gao, is a fruit of our group from 3 years ago. One of our workers brought him to Christ, and he has grown in His kingdom ever since. Now, our church is sending him out as our first worker to one of the unreached people groups in a nearby province. Gao lives so radically for Jesus. A year ago he went all the way there with very little in his pocket and used most of his money for the train ticket. When he arrived he had only got some change with him. Having nowhere to go he was desperate to find a place to spend the night. He stood in the middle of a plaza and started praying, later a man approached him. That man ended up offering Gao a place to stay. There’s a T-an monk in that man’s house and Gao got acquainted with him. The T-an man was trying to look for a cook job, Gao offered to pray for him. 2 days later, that T-an got a call from the chef of a grand hotel and offered him a job because of a recommendation. That T-an monk felt that none has greater power than our God to get him a job with just a prayer. That day onward, he gave his life to Jesus. All this happened because Gao obeyed and went as the Holy Spirit lead. God is pursuing the people in Asia, we should all obey His will.

Here goes my week:
Sunday – This day is an exciting day. Dinner time, we met Amber and Merchel at a Mexican grill place. I had a quesadilla, they had tacos and rice bowls. We had a great time at dinner then we relocated to a café to continue our meeting with them. Merchel was ready to accept and do the sinner’s prayer. I asked to repeat after what I prayed sentence by sentence. After the prayer Merchel had teary eyes; Holy Spirit obviously touched her heart. We did it! She is officially a part of the family now. Then we did a 2-hour training session which included caring, worship, Bible study, vision casting, prayer, which some of it was lead by Amber, she had never lead anyone before! Amber did an amazing job. Then we left the café with an excited and grateful heart that we get to witness God’s grace at the very frontline.

Monday – At 7 pm, I met with Kayla, a girl that I met 2 weeks ago. I have a strong heart for her because I felt God wants to pursue her, so I arranged a hangout with my leader and my partner to get together with Kayla and to know more about her life. We never get to share the gospel with her but we both felt connected that we definitely gonna hangout more. Although no gospel being shared but I felt it was a win because we showed love and care for her in that meeting.

Tuesday – In the afternoon, my partner and I did a 2-hour planning meeting. We discussed and organized how we wanna do our trainings with our girls, Molly, Tina, Amber, and Merchel. At 7 pm, my partner and I met with Molly and Tina. This is a special training because this will be the first time our disciple Molly leading most of the baptism training. Yes! Tina was getting baptized that Saturday! Each of us shared our baptism story with Tina. We helped prepare her testimony to be shared on her baptism day. Her testimony was so touching and spirit-filled we all couldn’t help but tear up.

Wednesday – This day started with a nerve-wrecking morning for me. I had to lead a morning prayer session of 10+ people! It went well because I think the Holy Spirit had definitely taken over the session. Right after, our leaders team and I had a meeting about baptism on Saturday. Later at 5 pm, I had my 1 on 1 talk with my leader, which was a time and space for me to talk with her about anything emotional and work things I’ve been facing. We are having this talk for one hour every two weeks. It’s helpful for me to be able to pour out questions regarding my work here.

Thursday – I spent an hour in the afternoon for my own Bible study at a café. At night, my partner and I had another training group with Merchel and Amber. This time, Amber lead most of the parts. This would be her first time leading most of the time and she did it effortlessly. We saw how she managed to handle Merchel’s questions and the materials from our training book. We all prayed for each other as the meeting ended. We encouraged them to continue doing training group together every week.

Saturday – Tina was getting baptized this day! Molly would baptizing her, she was brought into the family by our workers 2 years ago, and was ready to baptize her friend Tina, whom she also lead a training group with. We prepared a hot pool at a house. Surrounded by all our friends in Christ, Tina shared her testimony, and then walked in the pool, getting ready for the best moment of her life. Molly first asked her a few questions, then she baptized her. Everyone applauded.